Lukas Convent

Geeky Projects and Writings.


Date Name Description
2018-11 TeSSLa: Temporal Stream-Based Specification Language Publication at SBMF'18 conference with co-authors Sebastian Hungerecker, Martin Leucker, Torben Scheffel, Malte Schmitz, Daniel Thoma
2017-08 Enhancing a Modular Effectful Programming Language M.Sc. Thesis
2017-03 Monads and their Applications to Programming Coursework report
2017-01 Software Transactional Memory in Haskell Coursework report
2016-11 Embedding Quantum Programming in Haskell Coursework report
2016-11 Quantum Bit Commitment Coursework report
2016-08 Compositional and Nameless Formalization of HOcore B.Sc. Thesis
2016-01 Trends in Software Synthesis Seminar contribution
2015-06 Monadic Parsing in Haskell Proseminar-Beitrag